Wine & Canvas comes to Massachusetts!

Now on the east coast as the craze for artsy fun has swept over from California – painting your own masterpiece in less than three hours! We had one of these fun painting parties here recently at our Deerfield, MA inn. People anxious to try their hand at creating a picture reserved their easel ahead of time, and gathered with a talented team of instructors who took them step by step through each phase to complete the painting. Everyone worked on the same picture – a kind of Japanese bonsai red-leaved tree, bending in the wind.  The group seemed delighted with the end piece. Maybe the glasses of wine made their stokes free and uninhibited, but the paintings were terrific, and most of the artists had never even picked up a brush before. We thought we would host a couple more of these in December at our Deerfield, MA inn – a great idea for a personalized holiday gift.  Stay tuned for the next arty party dates!