Vegetarian Nirvana

Our herb garden has taken off with the dry heat interspersed with downpours. The adage about changeable New England weather and just waiting five minutes if you don’t like it seems to be true! The colorful, peppery nasturtiums can decorate anything from salads to desserts, and they are not just pretty but they take away garlic-breath better than the Listerine in our restrooms.


The Happy Valley is bursting out all over with the most wonderful produce from the sweetest corn to early lowbush blueberries and heirloom tomatoes. Chef Erik made the most delicious and delightfully simple salad with tomatoes from Atlas, microgreens from Red Fire, and fresh no-hormones mozzarella from Maplebrook. A circle of balsamic and apple cider reduction, and I was in heaven – with garden nasturtiums on top, of course.