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The Great Snow :: New England Winters

New England Historical SocietyWe think it is absolutely freezing and the worst ever, but almost 300 years ago, in 1717, so much snow fell in New England that for generations afterwards people would talk of events as before or after the Great Snow.

According to The New England Historical Society, drifts were as high as 25 feet so houses were entirely covered with just a wisp of smoke showing their location.

The deer population was decimated, and much livestock perished, but many farm animals survived under the snow. It seems that hens could live a week, turkeys for almost three weeks, and cows were also dug out and incredibly restored to health.

Being a fan of pigs, it was good to know that it was recorded that a couple of pigs lived together under a snowbank for 27 days, munching away on tansy, a herb grown to repel insects, delay spoilage when rubbed into meat, and as a dye of golden-yellow. (In Europe we still put tansy out on windowsills to keep ants and flies away.) Go pigs!

People made tunnels and paths through the snow from house to house, and according to the abolitionist Joshua Coffin in The History of Ancient Newbury, Abraham Adams walked three miles to visit his new bride Abigail who had had to hole up with her family to wait out the storm. He was able to clump right in through the window on the second story, and guess what – their first child was born just about nine months later.

So really the snow in Deerfield is not so bad in comparison. Come on over for a while and Date Your Mate!

To Our Valued Friends & Guests…

Welcome back to The Deerfield Inn. We are so excited to share with you the charm and warmth of the Inn and all of Historic Deerfield’s natural beauty. We want to reassure you that our first responsibility and top priority is the safety and well-being of each of our guests, as well as our team. Please take a moment to review our new wellness measures which are in place for your visit to the Inn. Should you have any additional questions, please contact us directly.

General Property Information

• The Inn is an ideal location to practice physical/social distancing due to the property’s location in beautiful Historic Deerfield. The entire property has been deep cleaned and sanitized and multiple cleanings continue throughout each day. Hand-sanitizer is also available throughout the Inn.
• Guests and team members will observe recommended distancing protocols.
• Personal protection equipment (PPE) amenity kits featuring disinfecting gel, nitrile rubber gloves and masks will be provided upon request for guests.
• We will comply with, or exceed, local or state mandated occupancy limits.
• All team members will receive training on COVID-19 safety and sanitation protocols with more comprehensive training for our teams with frequent guest contact.
• All team members will be wearing masks for their safety and the safety and comfort of guests. The health of our team members is carefully monitored on a daily basis.


• Industry leading cleaning, Ultraviolet Lights and sanitizing protocols are used to clean guest rooms, with particular attention paid to high-touch items.
• Two levels of housekeeping services will be offered to each guest:
o Housekeeping Limited Service: Our team will access your room once daily to provide service and restock linens and amenities.
o Housekeeping Drop Service: Your fresh linens and towels along with any other requested amenities will be packaged and placed at your door upon your request.
• The frequency of cleaning and sanitizing has been increased in all public spaces with an emphasis on frequent contact surfaces.
• The frequency of air filter replacement and HVAC system cleaning has been increased and fresh air exchange will be maximized.


• New service options include Dinner on the Lawn, Porch, Terrace and In-Room Service.
• Curbside pick up will be available for To-Go orders.
• Seating capacity has been reduced in Champney’s Restaurant& Tavern based on CDC recommendations.
• At the completion of a dining service, the table, chairs and menus will be sanitized prior to the next seating.
• The spacing of tables has been adjusted to allow for six feet between tables

Wellbeing Plan is subject to change based on guidance from the Center for Disease Control, MA Department of Public Health, American Hotel Lodging Association and all other applicable government authorities.