Mutton & Mead – mmm-mm!

In nearby Montague on the third weekend in June, there is this splendid Medieval Festival & Fair. Carousing, fighting, hawkers, wares, wenches, knights, jesters, music – all good, high spirits fun and to collect for The Food Bank. (Check out our Dine at Nine if fun and food sound like a good match.) Robin Hood is ready to swoop in with his Merry Men if the Sheriff tries to exact tax on the collected food!


To…See the a full armored joust on horseback  To…Be entertained by sword fighters, mud beggars, wenches, belly dancers, singers, minstrels, jugglers and More! To…Shop the shire’s market and adorn yourself with gifts from over 65 merchants and artisans selling fantastic leather work, jewelry and other treasures! To…Play with the faeries and wood sprites of the enchanted Sherwood Forest. To…Partake in the shire’s fine mead, smoked turkey legs and other tasty victuals of the land! To…Meet the wonderful people of our shire, including Robin Hood, his Merry Men, and Maid Marion as the legendary tale unfolds around you.