Our reputation for hospitality has been sustained since 1884. We value tradition, elegance, professionalism, and beauty, with a commitment to personal attention and service at our Deerfield, Massachusetts wedding venue.

Think of the classic Deerfield Inn bed and breakfast as the perfect location for your wedding, elopement, or commitment ceremony. Known for celebrating the memories, traditions, and joy of your special day.

We welcome all couples here who wish to marry, regardless of race, religion or gender.

The Terrace has south-facing windows and french doors that open out onto a patio with a tent lawn and gardens. This light and happy space has its own bar, restrooms, and cozy fireplace. Couples who are looking for an adaptable space seem to love this room for everything from an elegant ceremony to barbecues. This space, with sunny patio and gardens, can host a gathering of up to 150 people.  Check out our wedding photo gallery.

Champney’s Restaurant at our historic Massachusetts Inn is a beautiful and charming room. It can seat up to 50 guests, and is bright and elegant with period wallpaper, fireplace, gleaming sconces and chandeliers, and four large sunny window embrasures. This dining room offers a more formal experience, although with every event we want you to feel the comfort of home.

Our quaint beehive parlor is the ideal room for a more intimate gathering, hosting up to 20 people for most occasions.  It’s truly a special room.

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Wedding bands in front of flowers on a wooden table

There will come a time when you just want to get together with your closest friends and loved ones to let them know your other half still rocks your world after all those years together. The Beehive Parlor is a sweet spot for a private re-commitment of love, and you can gather for a celebratory dinner together afterwards. Give us a call at 413-774-5587 to work out the details. KISS is the word – keep it sweet and simple!

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