Latest Hire at the Inn

Meet Jack Dog, our new marketing assistant for our Deerfield, MA bed and breakfast, on the payroll and lying down on the job already. He is a rescue from TN, with two strikes against him – he is older and he is black, and black dogs are always the last to find forever homes. Jack was left behind in a kennel for some reason, but now we are his dog parents and he is learning to stay outside our Deerfield restaurant, Champney’s. He loves the “girls”, Pippa and Sophie, and when he is not here, Jack stays at home with those other two pound pups and they all snooze on the sofa together. Hope you get to meet him. It took him only two hours (and a pocketful of bikkies) to learn that if I ask him if he wants to say hello to someone, he should go over and lean his great head against a guest leg and give a dog hug.

Deerfield MA Inn team member