Hospitality at the Deerfield Inn is a Relationship….

Greenfield Hotel

Debbie in the Harry Potter room!

…not a transaction.

We were recently at a conference in a hotel. They did a fantastic job with food and service, but I have some thoughts about why you might like to choose an inn such as ours over a hotel venue if you are planning a small retreat.

We have those dispensers of product in the bathrooms, too, but we also have more than one bar of soap, as well as eco-friendly cornstarch bottles of body lotion, shampoo, conditioner, baggies of Q-tips, makeup remover pads – all free.

Our fresh filtered well water in the room thermoses is free, not $9 a bottle. The cream for your Keurig wake-up coffee is not powder in a packet, but real and local. Our towels are also soft – but bath sheet-sized. The fridge is free for your insulin, baby formula, or packs of local cheese you might have bought, not $10 a day.

Wifi is free, parking is safe and free – no $13 a day surcharge. The cozy robes and the umbrella in the closet are free for your use. The candies and cookies in your room are for you to enjoy at no additional cost.

Free: the loan of cufflinks and ties, or boots and sweaters if you have forgotten something or are taken by surprise by the whacky New England weather. We draw maps to show you how to get to a local farm stand or apple orchard, we sew on your buttons if you don’t know how, we put plasters on your boo-boos, take photos for you so nobody is left out of the snap. The DVDs in the cabinet are yours to borrow, the books are yours to take if you haven’t finished what you started. Skype is loaded on the guest computer so you can call home.

All this and our tremendous appreciation of you as our guest in our beautiful Greenfield area bed and breakfast.

Call Alicia at 413-774-5587 or email her at if you have a meeting in mind. You get what you can get at a hotel, but you also get so much more!