Gay Friendly Massachusetts Bed and Breakfast

lesbian-weddingSo on our website we have a proud multi-color flag at the bottom because we mean it. Also on our website we can enable a really cool feature that allows us to see where visitors to our site are going. That flag gets clicked so often it is a bright red blob on the heat mapping program, but clicking the flag has not led anywhere until now. I put it there because for us it is a symbol of absolute and unconditional acceptance, as natural as breathing in and breathing out. I put it there because, distressingly, guests have felt the need to call us up to ask if they would be welcomed here.

Gay Friendly Massachusetts Bed and BreakfastWe have been innkeepers for almost thirty years. In all that time we and the people who work here with us have welcomed guests from around here, from New England, from distant America, from overseas – guests of all ethnic backgrounds, interests, and backgrounds. We enjoy meeting and talking to as many as we can. It has never crossed our mind that anybody would need to ask if we welcome same-sex couples. We truly are a lesbian and gay friendly Massachusetts bed and breakfast.

We know as an innkeeper it is a no-no to talk of politics and religion; how necessary it is to keep away from any topic that might get a guest all fired up if there is a difference in point of view. We reserve any opinion we might have because it is just bad joss to get into a barney with anyone. We think to be mindful is the way to go, and being judgmental has no place in our personal or professional life.

But I am going to break all accepted innkeeper codes and say that discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity is wrong.

We celebrate all marriages and unions here, we welcome all guests here, and if you felt you needed to click on that flag please know that you will be embraced here as there are no h8ers among us.