Deerfield Inn rises from the flood waters

floodIt has been a very long and rocky road since we were deluged on 28 August 2011. The flood water brought so much with it that caused extensive damage to the contents and infrastructure of both the main inn and its carriage house. We wanted to keep the bones of this old country Deerfield, Massachusetts bed and breakfast, and bringing it up to current day code was an enormous challenge. We made all sorts of strange discoveries as floors went up, and walls and ceilings came down.

The silver lining to this renovation and restoration has been the chance to recreate Champney’s Restaurant & Tavern into a gathering place in a way that made so much more sense than keeping the old formal dining room. A small element of that formality is still there for those private dinners, and celebratory parties, but mostly Champney’s is more comfortable, lively Tavern than elegant, serene Restaurant.

We are so grateful for all those who have held us in their thoughts and cheered us on our way with their constant messages of good cheer and encouragement as we went through so many setbacks before reaching the final opening date – April 1st – no kidding! A good cosmic joke in response to the trick nature played on us. So come be a part of our new history, and be sure to keep up with our Massachusetts travel blog to stay updated on the latest events and specials at the Deerfield Inn.