Visit Deerfield’s Arts & Crafts Movement!

Old Deerfield Painting Group
Did you know that the Arts & Crafts Movement was really significant in Deerfield and its history? From the last quarter of the nineteenth century in particular, women in Deerfield, both permanent residents and summer visitors, were drawn into the arts and crafts movement, many of them looking for a way to express themselves in paint, silks, copper, silver, and clay. You can see an exhibition all about that when you visit.

Also open for viewing at the Flynt Center of Historic Deerfield is an exhibition of  gorgeous craftwork pieces from their extensive collections.

As an addition to the  metalware, jewelry-making, ceramics, and embroidery, there was the Deerfield Valley Arts group headed up by Stephen Maniatty.  The Old Deerfield Painting Group continues that tradition of recording the beauty and variety of this village and its surrounds, and their 25th annual exhibition will be at the Deerfield Community Center from August 23rd-August 31st, 12-5pm.

The opening reception starts at 2pm on Sunday, August 24th. It is a wonderful opportunity to view and perhaps own a memory of Deerfield for your wall. Book your stay at our historic Deerfield Inn.