Deerfield’s Snowy Owl

feathered friend at our Deerfield, MA lodging

Meet our feathered friend!

Our Deerfield, MA lodging has its own #snowy owl for the time being! These beautiful birds have been coming far south of their boreal range and delighting the gang of ornithologists who are wrapped up in scarves and tea cozy hats with their powerful lenses aimed at this young owl.

One bird watcher told me these owls were heading south because the plethora of lemmings meant more birds had survived and young ones were heading out of spaces too crowded to let each owl have its own territory, and another said, “Nonsense!” It was because there was a dearth of lemmings, meaning they had to roam farther afield, so I left them to it.

This snowy owl crossed the corner of my vision as I was walking the dogs at dusk in the meadows near our Deerfield, MA lodging and made my heart skip a beat – it was so silent and sudden and surprisingly large. I watched it swoop low and then ride up in a long, slow, smooth loop like someone on a roller coaster before it headed back to the old tobacco barn by the field where our inn cattle are raised. I felt so privileged!

If you’ve chosen our inn as your Deerfield, MA lodging, make sure to ask one of us about it. We’ll try to help you find our feathered guest!