As you travel along the mile-long Old Main Street through historic Deerfield, MA, you’ll be taken back in time. Our Deerfield, MA hotel resides on this tree-lined street, nestled between gorgeous homes from the 18th and 19th-century, two schools, and three working farms. This most rural part of Massachusetts was the heart of colonial America, and its history is imbued in every flagstone, every brick, every clapboard building, and the 1774 liberty pole flying its flag of freedom. Deerfield, MA is the best-documented small town in America, and the view from our front porch gives you a glimpse into the area’s rich past. We invite you to sit in our Adirondack chairs to take it all in.

Our historic Massachusetts hotel boasts a restaurant and tavern, embracing wing chairs, warming fireplaces, and a constant spirit of serenity, peace, and welcome. We are proud to continue the tradition of offering travelers a sweet respite from the hectic and busy bustle that lies beyond. We also have the perfect location for fairytale Deerfield, Massachusetts weddings.