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10 Recommitment Celebration Ideas :: Unique Event Venue MA

Saturday, February 13th, 2016

Celebrate with Us in 2016

Did you know that 70 percent of engagements happen between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day? There has to be a stat for elopements and recommitments, too, but I don’t know them. What I do know is that we get calls and emails from folk looking to celebrate a happy time from birthdays to rehearsal dinners, showers to adoption parties, family reunions to runaway romance. Maybe in this Year of the Monkey we are all returning to togetherness, family, and fun. We at the inn all love to be a part of the joy and lightness that the celebrations we hold here bring. We all feel so much a part of them because, starting with Alicia as your first contact, we plan all the details with you one-on-one.


We have several great banquet halls for celebrations, with the Beehive Parlor being a favorite for elopements and recommitments. We are not a cookie-cutter place. We are not a party mill. We are 132 years old, and have aged in place along with the trees that line Old Main Street. We slope and dip a bit, we take unexpected turns, the glass in our windows is hand blown and wavy, but the years have given us a warmth and energy and knowledge that are imbued in the wooden clapboards of this original historic country inn.

We have the names of people who have been with us for decades – cake-makers, florists, photographers, jewelry designers… We can share all of this with you and be with you every step of the way so your celebration day, whatever it might be for, is smooth, seamless, joyful, and fun. We have a 10-year recommitment coming up very soon. That made us think – do you need some recommitment ceremony ideas?  Here are 10 Recommitment Celebration Ideas to make your anniversary extra special:

  1. Offer a scrapbook in which your guests are invited to share a memory of something they did with both of you as a couple.
  2. Ask guests to light a candle for every year you’ve been together and take a picture of it with them. Your love is a like a shining light, illuminating the people and places around you!
  3. Have a calendar done up, filled with 12 months of pictures of the years you have spent with your friends and family. These make memorable gifts that will be cherished, and you can buy them affordably through Vista Print or another print-on-demand service.
  4. Ask other couples in the room to silently renew their own vows, while you are saying yours. This will help to reaffirm the connections within other couples when they attend your recommitment ceremony.
  5. Create a cool, vintage theme. Your love has withstood the test of time! You can find lots of ideas for vintage décor by scouting through Pinterest, Etsy and other idea places.
  6. Make up a game where guests have to “guess” things about you two. It could be presented in the form of a game show or simply a prize whenever someone gets the right answer.
  7. Is now the time to upgrade your wedding rings? Make a trip to your favorite jeweler, or ask designer Poliane Paniago whose unique pieces are in a showcase right here at the inn.
  8. Have a quilt made with meaningful fabrics. Perhaps one of the t-shirts you were wearing when you met in college, a piece of the tie your husband wore on your wedding day, and the baby blanket from your first born child. These ideas will become a charming reminder of all the years you have shared!
  9. If making a calendar seems like too much to do, you can opt to have prints made of your family and put them in small, stylish picture frames. Try something different, like recycled paper or dried floral arrangements to use as frame embellishments.
  10. Find props from your original wedding ceremony. The cake topper, dress, or whatever things you can dig out of the hope chest. Reuse as many of these details as you can find to truly recreate a recommitment ceremony that will set the tone for the next decades of love you can share together.

Call The Deerfield Inn and ask for Alicia to start planning your celebration at our unique  MA event venue. We are here for you at 413-774-5587. Special group room rates, too!

Wedding Fair Season 2014 : Deerfield Inn is Ready to Host Massachusetts Weddings Once Again

Friday, January 31st, 2014

This past Saturday, January 25th, Alicia Graves who is in charge of private dinners and special events attended a bridal show with Poliane Paniago to get the word out that we are back open and that the Deerfield Inn is a fabulous place for elopements, intimate Massachusetts weddings, rehearsal dinners, re-commitment ceremonies, and even larger weddings in fine weather in the Terrace that leads out onto a patio. We have a tent lawn in the gardens, and the Beehive Parlor is a favorite spot for smaller ceremonies with a Justice of the Peace or other officiate.

The Terrace has its own bar and restrooms, and French doors open onto the patio which can also be tented and is a sweet spot for couples wanting a more informal gathering – maybe a barbecue or a clam bake. Children can hurtle all around the gardens and keep happy!

Poliane was wearing one of her own jewelry creations, and Alicia wore a pearl pendant that she commissioned Poliane to make for her when she was married last year.  (Everybody is always so much more than they seem and everybody here has such interesting stories about who they are and what they do in their other lives away from working at our Deerfield, Massachusetts bed and breakfast.  It is part of their engaging charm.)

You certainly would not go wrong with Alicia’s perceptive and sensitive guidance and knowledge if you are looking for a special and beautiful place to celebrate a special day! Call her at 413-774-5587, ext 173, or email