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The Deerfield Inn Bed and Breakast Night Outside View

Directions to The Inn

Just off I 91 The Deerfield Inn has easy access from points south like Springfield and Hartford or from Boston or other points north. Please ask us if you need directions to or from any of the colleges.

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Deerfield Massachusetts Schools and Universities

Close to all five Universities

Your home away from home when visiting your student. Located less than 30 minutes from all of the Five Massachusetts Colleges: UMass, Amherst, Smith, Mt Holyoke, and Hampshire.

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Deerfield Inn Historic Picture

Inn History

The Deerfield Inn was originally opened in July 1884 by two brothers whose earlier inn on the village common had been destroyed by fire.

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The InnKeepers


We are moving on in our thirtieth year as Innkeepers of the Deerfield Inn!

Innkeepers will always come and go, but the Deerfield Inn will be here for decades more looking much the same as ever with a nip and tuck here and there. Three decades have certainly changed us; Jack took over from Turbo Dog as marketing manager; our children are off in the world; we have seen people we knew as youngsters return all grown up with young ones of their own. With give thanks to you our guests, and all those we have worked with, for a wonderful journey, and sign off with affection.


Deerfield Innkeepers Then

Jane Howard and Karl Sabo in 1987

Written in 2007 on our 20th anniversary as the Innkeepers of the Deerfield Inn:

A guest from 15 years ago came back recently to visit the inn again and to plan a family reunion party. We were talking and he said to me, “Whatever happened to that nice young couple that used to be the innkeepers here?” I said, “Well, we’re still a couple!” That’s us twenty years, two children, four hamsters, two mice – no, make that twenty-two mice, Turbo Dog, Fat Martha, Mog, Jawler, Troika, and Spud ago.

Deerfield Innkeepers Now

Jane Howard and Karl Sabo in 2007

We moved up here for two years from New York City, and here we are still, totally seduced and charmed by this village, its environs, its natural bounty and beauty: farms, forests, lakes, cultural activities, interesting galleries, creative artisans. We never come to the point of saying that the inn is exactly as we would like it to be. It is a constant work in progress. We no longer have marketing manager Turbo Dog coming in with us every day, but Sophie and Pippa are learning the ropes.

We are fortunate in our life, the Deerfield Inn, our guests, and the people who work here with us.

Come and stay and tell us about yourselves and we can tell you some of our favorite things: walking along the ridge from the Rock, tubing and kayaking on the Deerfield, the loop when the corn is high, Hattaporn’s Thai takeaway, x-country skiing in Wendell state forest, local corn and syrup, farm stands and farmers’ markets, Pekarski’s meats, the Old Deerfield Crafts Fairs, local beer, 11 South Gallery, the Deerfield Valley artists show, Shelburne Falls, local ice cream, Clarkdale Farm apples and peaches……

(Above: Jane Howard and Karl Sabo in 1987, and in 2007)